Black Point Inn

BPI Referral Program

Welcome to the Black Point Inn Referral Program! Black Point Inn appreciates the referrals of our clients and so in order to show our appreciation, we’ve created a referral program to reward you and the new business* you refer to us for events, meetings and group stays. Here’s how it works.

First, sign up.  It’s just that simple.

Please become a member of our referral program by filling out this short form with your contact information, so we can reward you!

For new clients  referred to us, we offer A 15% discount on the first event booked with the Black Point Inn    Please fill out this form to receive your discount if you have been referred and allow us to reward the person who referred you!

For referrals that result in booked business, we offer:

  • 1st Referral- Certificate for Dinner for Two in The Point Restaurant or The Chart Room Restaurant. - A $100 Value (does not include service charge or Alcohol) 
  • 2nd Referral- An overnight stay at Black Point Inn** - Best available accommodations and a full breakfast for two guests 


* New Business applies to new contacts for companies or organizations that have not had an event in the past three calendar years.

** Accommodations for overnight stays are subject to availability.

*** 15% Discount on events applies to meeting space and Food & Beverage within the event.