History of Black Point Inn

Celebrating 100+ Years of Service

Built in 1878 by the Kahler family and starting the tradition of Maine beachfront hotels, Black Point Inn's colorful history includes rail barons, political leaders and one of Maine's most famous native sons, world-renowned artist Winslow Homer. Black Point Inn, originally known as the Southgate House, was once one of the many grand hotels to call Prouts Neck home. Today, its the last remaining hotel on Prouts Neck, and a true historical Maine hotel.

Early History

With its wealth of natural beauty and abundant wildlife, Prouts Neck has long been an alluring destination. Discovered first by native American Indians who came by canoe to fish the sea, Prouts Neck, Maine was colonized by English settlers in the 1600s. The area's rocky coast and dense pine forest made it appear dark from the water, inspiring the name Black Point. Summer tourism led to a Prouts Neck building boom in the late 1800's, when the Southgate House, (which would later be renamed Black Point Inn) was built.

Winslow Homer

Prouts Neck was beloved by the famous painter Winslow Homer, whose family owned a cottage just steps from the Inn. He spent over 25 years on Prouts Neck painting and drawing inspiration from the sea. Located within his family's cottage is his art studio, now owned by the Portland Museum of Art, which is open for guided tours through Museum.

Early 20th Century

The Inn was sold in 1923 to the Sprague family who increased its size and added guest cottages built for rail barons. After Prohibition, Black Point Inn's Oak Room became Prouts Neck's first speak easy. During World War II Black Point Inn continued to thrive, while many other resorts were demolished, some consumed by fire.

Late 20th Century

Since the 1950's, ownership of the Inn changed several times, yet an emphasis on old world charm and tradition remained. In 1969, two gentlemen in short sleeves were asked to leave the cocktail lounge as it was after 5:30 PM, and jackets and long sleeves were required. No matter that they were the governors of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Black Point Inn Today

Today, upholding the Black Point Inn's proud tradition of exemplary guest service in an unparalleled setting is the privilege of Migis Hotel Group. Located on beautiful Prouts Neck and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides, the Black Point Inn is legendary for its location, guest facilities, and unpretentious downeast hospitality. Prepare to be captivated by the unhurried pace, gracious charm, and attentive service of Maine's most beautiful and historic oceanfront Inn and restaurant.

Extensively renovated throughout its history to ensure comfort while preserving its historic character, today, original wall coverings, paintings, prints and décor have been lovingly restored, with many of the antiques featured original to the Inn. Throughout the seasons, you'll be greeted by the perfume of fresh flowers, and the warmth of a welcoming fire within the Inn's gathering rooms. Swim in, or just lounge next to, the Inn's geothermally heated outdoor pool, walk the miles of sandy beaches surrounding the Inn, hike the "Prouts Neck Cliff Walk" and view the scenes and time of year most favored by, and immortalized in the paintings of, Winslow Homer, or just sit by the fire and rejuvenate.